Fenix TK35UE 2018 Flashlight Global Review Campaign Questionnaire
Dear Fenix customers and enthusiasts,
Welcome to the review campaign for the Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition 2018 flashlight! Fill out this questionnaire and submit, you will be afforded the opportunity of testing and reviewing this brand new upgraded TK35UE 2018 flashlight!
1. There will be a message: "Submitted successfully ", either in a pop-up window or at the bottom of a blank page after clicking the OK button. If this does not appear, please email Fenix via marketing_1@fenixlight.com, or inform us via official Weibo, WeChat or Facebook.

  • Which of the following apply to you personally?
    • Military guard
    • Hunting lover
    • Gear enthusiast
    • Media professional
    • Outdoor enthusiast
    • Others (please specify)

  • If you are afforded the opportunity of reviewing in this campaign, in what activities will you use the flashlight for?
    • Hiking/trekking
    • Caving
    • Hunting lover
    • Industrial workplace
    • Military/policing
    • Others (please specify)

  • What are your most visited websites and forums related to military and equipment? List 3-5 and indicate preferred usernames/ID.

  • Have you ever published any product review online? If so, please supply the links.
    • No
    • Yes (Please specify)

  • Which websites, forums or media are you going to share your review on? Which of the undermentioned methods will you use to record the review? -- ①Text description and pictures (at least 1000 words and 10 pictures) ②Videos (no less than 3-10 minutes)

  • The reasons that you think you are qualified for this review are?

  • How did you obtain the information about this review campaign?
    • Fenix email
    • Fenix Worldwide Facebook
    • Fenix Home Group
    • Fenix official website
    • Fenix distributor
    • Others (Please specify)

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