Application Form of Fenix 2014 “Illuminating the Night Outdoors”
Qualifications for the entries:
1.The entries shall be outdoor sports lovers and have their own unique perspectives on high-end flashlights and headlamps;
2.With good writings skills and photographing ability, the team shall have certain influence in the industry, and be capable of writing the review report ;
3.The applicant shall be familiar with the chosen route and make detail plans for the activity, ensuring it to be finished successfully.
4.After finishing each activity, the application teams shall public something including but not limited to reviews, videos, pictures or attainments on the platforms such as outdoor forums and blogs. Besides, he/she shall send the related links to Fenix marketing personnel.

Please read the following statements before application:
1. Fenix reserves the final right of interpretation about this sponsoring activity; the applicants shall initiate and organize the night activities by themselves, while Fenix only provide the related sponsorship to them. The application team must have strong self-reliance ability and undertake the responsibility for their security. And the applicant or the organizer shall be responsible for any accident incurred during the activity.
2. Fenix is not responsible for compensating to any personal injury. Each one who registers for this activity is considered to be with full capacity of civil liability and accept this statement. The statement applies to all the participants with regard to exemption from compensation liability.
3. Fenix has the right to use the shared pictures, words or videos that the application team provides.
4. All the participants in the activity shall comply with the local laws and regulations. And we highly suggest you purchasing personal accident insurance by yourself.
Announcement of the entries list
Time: Wednesday of the first week in each month(we’ll provide real-time updates of this news page)

1.Fenix will send an email to the registration team for confirmation once you have successfully registered. Those who don’t reply the email shall be regarded as giving up the sponsorship voluntarily. The mailing fees will be paid by Fenixlight Limited Company.
2.We advise you to fill in the form with the IE browser. Otherwise, your application may not be successful, for such indication that the form was submitted successfully may not appear. If it still doesn’t work, please contact us by the contact information on Fenix official website.

  • Your contact information(Country,Name,Tel,Email,Facebook and Mailing address)

  • Introduction about the activity that you are going to take part in.

  • Do you have the active ID in the related sharing platform or free platforms which attracts much more attention from the public (please specify the ID and the website link of the platform).

  • Have you ever make any reviews on the relevant gears? (Please attach the relevant links)

  • Is there any other information that can prove your activeness or influence in the outdoor sports circle? (If yes, please specify)

  • Please make sure that you will share the using experience on the above-mentioned platforms after receiving the sponsored products.

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