Fenix HP01 Headlamp Testing Feedback form
Thanks for your testing and reviews for Fenix products, your kind suggestions will be appreciated. All rights and the final testing results reserved by Fenix.

  • What kind of outdoor sports did you attend for testing this products?
    • Night running
    • Camping
    • Backpacking and Hiking
    • Hunting
    • Others

  • In what places and wheather did you test the product?

  • Are you satisfied with the user interface of the product ( the way to operate the flashlight and switch setting ) ?
    • Yes
    • No
    • The reason you chose the above answer is:

  • How do you think about the product appearance design and workmanship when you received this product?

  • Have you found any defects in the circuit or switches of this product during the test?

  • Your pros and cons of this product after the testing:

  • Any suggestions for the improvement of this product?

  • Where did you share the reviews? Please write down your links.

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