Fenix TK76 Flashlight Global Testing Application Form
Welcome to the testing campaign for Fenix TK76 flashlight! Please read the following Steps before the application:
1.Fill out the "Fenix TK76 Flashlight Testing Application Form"on line;
2.Pick up the testers by Fenix or Fenix distributors and send out the testing products;
3.Test the Fenix products(It should be finished within 20 days after receiving the products);
4.Take photos or videos during the product testing, and write reviews;
5.Share the reviews in relevant outdoor or gear websites, forums, or other medias;
6.Fill out the "Fenix Products Testing Feedback Form"on line.

1, There would be a hint writing "hand in successfully ", either in a Pop-up window or at the Bottom of the blank page after clicking the OK button;
2, Fenix is not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping addresses; All rights and the final testing results reserved by Fenix.

  • Which outdoor sports and gear websites or forums do you usually visit?(At least three)

  • Have you published any products reviews online? If so, please write down the links.
    • No
    • Yes(please specify)

  • If you win the opportunity to test Fenix products, which outdoor activities will you choose to test the Fenix products?
    • Camping
    • Caving
    • Hunting
    • Others

  • In what way will you choose to test Fenix products?
    • Test only by youself
    • Join the outdoor activities and test with friends
    • Others

  • Could you take some photos and vedios of Fenix products during the test?
    • Yes
    • No

  • Which websites, forums or medias would you share your reviews on?

  • Could you finish the "Fenix TK76 Flashlight Testing Feedback form" timely after the testing?

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