Fenix new product-HL30 Testing Feedback form
Thanks for your testing and reviews for Fenix products, your kind suggestions will be appreciated.

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  • What kind of outdoor sports did you attend for testing this products?
    • Camping
    • Hiking
    • Mountaineering
    • Caving
    • Hunting
    • Boating and fishing
    • Cycling
    • Else

  • In what environment and wheather did you test the prodcuts?

  • Are you satisfied with the user interface of the product ( the way to operate the flashlight and switch setting ) ?
    • Yes
    • No
    • The reason you chose the above answer is:

  • How do you think about the product appearance design and workmanship when you received this product?

  • Your pros and cons of this product after the testing:

  • Did you find any defects in the circuit or switches of this product during the test?

  • Any suggestions for the improvement of this product?

  • Where did you publish the reviews about the Fenix products? the web link is:

  • Do you have any suggestions for our Company to design the new products?

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